How to order


Step 1

Take a look in my gallery and get some inspiration on what you like. It might be the look of something, a specific feeling or anything else. If you already have specifications in length, material and “the feeling“ of what you want, it is good. If not, it is fine too. You can ask me to make you something suitable from my experience. If you know something about if it should be a nice thing or an evil thing or something similar, it really helps me too.

Step 2

Send me an email at this address. Please ask about things you are unsure of. Normally there is quite a bit of messaging back and forth before I start to work.

Step 3

I will write back to you with either a confirmation or some questions around what you want. I will also give you an appreciation on how long it will take to make and what the item will cost, excluding freight costs.

Step 4

I will contact you when my work is finished and send you a picture of what I have crafted. You will then also get instructions on how to pay. When you have agreed to the item I have made and I have the money on my account, I will send it to you. If you live in Vienna or close by we can meet in person to avoid freight costs.
If you are not satisfied with what I have made, we can go two ways. You do not buy it and send it back, and I make you something else with your new specifications, or you just send it back and we are done.

Step 5

Have tons of fun with my crafting and please let me know if you enjoy it!

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