The Crafting Joker

Hi there – I am Joker. I started crafting around 1990, more intensely the last 10 years. I understand myself as a custom maker, who basically makes everything to the specifications of the customer. I do not have any production lines.

I am interested in all kinds of crafting, but I have a special interest for leather and braiding. Other materials I like to use are wood, metal, rubber and plastic. During recent years I have learned a few things about welding as well, but working with metal is a lot harder to do at home than working with leather and wood. At the moment I do not have access to any place where I can do metalwork. What you see in my gallery are only a few examples of what I have made. The gallery serves as an inspirational start, and from there anything can go anywhere.

I also do repair work on floggers, whips and other leather items. The start is to send me a picture of what you want to have repaired, and then we discuss if it is possible, if it is worth it or other ways to make it work.

It is also possible to rent me as a teacher in crafting or around a speech about whips, floggers and how to use and treat them. Just send me a message and we will find a way.

I live in Vienna/Austria (no, not Australia, the land on the other side of the globe with kangaroos and crocodiles). Originally I am from Sweden.

My inspiration comes from all kinds of areas, like woodworking, patterns of different kinds, nature, strange metal objects, steampunk, knives and swords, guns and of course good leatherwork.

I see crafting as my hobby and I do not work fast. But I often give a guarantee
on the things I sell. Not many items I have done have needed any repairing though.
And feedback tells me, that people are happy with my crafting for a long time. [/ezcol_2third]