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The Crafting Joker

Hi there – I am Joker. I started crafting around 1990, more intensely the last 10 years. I understand myself as a custom maker, who basically makes everything to the specifications of the customer. I do not have any production lines.

I am interested in all kinds of crafting, but I have a special interest for leather and braiding. Other materials I like to use are wood, metal, rubber and plastic. During recent years I have learned a few things about welding as well, but working with metal is a lot harder to do at home than working with leather and wood. At the moment I do not have access to any place where I can do metalwork. What you see in my gallery are only a few examples of what I have made. The gallery serves as an inspirational start, and from there anything can go anywhere.

I live in Vienna/Austria (no, not Australia, the land on the other side of the globe with kangaroos and crocodiles). Originally I am from Sweden.

My inspiration comes from all kinds of areas, like woodworking, patterns of different kinds, nature, strange metal objects, steampunk, knives and swords, guns and of course good leatherwork.

I see crafting as my hobby and I do not work fast. But I often give a guarantee
on the things I sell. Not many items I have done have needed any repairing though.
And feedback tells me, that people are happy with my crafting for a long time.