Here you can find organizations, locations, tutorials, seminars etc.,
that I can recommend without hesitation:



Libertine Vienna (Vienna/Austria): Libertine Vienna is a nonprofit  BDSM support group. They organize educational classes, seminars, workshops, parties, etc.

SMil Danmark (Denmark): A danish BDSM organization, based in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

Locations and places:

SMart Café (Vienna/Austria): The SMart Café is a BDSM themed café/bar/restaurant, where the local kinksters love to hang out. There is a small play area in the back. Food and drinks are good as well.

Schwelle7 Wien (Vienna/Austria): Schwelle7 Wien understands itself as a place for experimental experiences with the goal of personal development and liberation. It is open for all genders and sexual orientations. Events, parties, workshops, open evenings and get-togethers are frequently taking place.

Schwelle7 Berlin (Berlin/Germany):
The focus of Schwelle7 Berlin is experimental body work and body research, above all in the direction of play, magic and gentle madness. It’s a 500 sqm venue, that organizes workshops, performances and parties on the threshold between Art and BDSM.

Advice and help:

AIDS-Hilfe Wien (Vienna/Austria): Preventive measures, information, medical and psychological counceling, (free) testing and guidance.

White Ribbon Kampagne Österreich (Austria): Nonprofit organization of men for prevention of male violence. Austrian version of an international movement. (Austria): BDSM emergency and crisis advice in Austria. (Germany): BDSM emergency and crisis advice in Germany.

TransX (Vienna/Austria): An organization for those who – in whatever way – go beyond the limits of their sex or gender.

Beratungsstelle Courage (Austria): Help and information center for relationships, family and sexuality.

BDSM-reading material:

Schlagzeilen (Hamburg/Germany): The biggest printed SM-magazine in German language.


Seminars organized by Libertine (Vienna/Austria)

Seminars by Frank T. and Sheila Crux (Germany & Austria & International)

BDSM hypnosis seminars (Germany)

BDSM and bondage-seminars by “Schlagzeilen” and Matthias Grimme: (Hamburg/Germany)